About All American Lending


All American Lending service is tops in the industry. No other mortgage company comes close – 94% customer satisfaction to be exact. Our complete dedication to providing outstanding service is why 9 out of 10 of our clients recommend us to friends as their mortgage company. When we say “every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses” we mean it!

And our customer service is just part of the puzzle. Well, it’s actually a big part. See, at All American Lending, we actually combine industry-leading and award-winning technology with customer service to give you the absolute best of both worlds. After you are matched to the perfect loan for your situation. Anytime you have a question or need assistance, your All American Lending Home Loan Expert is available with answers. For closing, we come to you. Anywhere. In all 50 states. Your house? The local coffee shop? Even a major highway exit! Just let us know where and we’ll meet you.

All American Lending's Mission and Values

All American Lending's values are reflected in everything we do — from our focus on customer care to our commitment to responsible lending and environmental stewardship. Our employees and values serve as a foundation for how we conduct business, how we service our clients, and how we continue to lead and move the industry forward.

Excellent Customer Care

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Consistently communicate with our customers
  • Constantly educate our customers
  • Continuously improve upon our customer commitment

Ethics and Integrity

  • Possess uncompromised ethical standards
  • Put integrity and honesty above all
  • Constantly educate our customers
  • Treat each other with respect

Entrepreneurial Work Ethic

  • Embrace and drive innovation
  • Do more with less
  • Constantly educate our customers
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Anticipate change

Environmental/Corporate Responsibility

  • Embrace, recycle and reuse our resources
  • Support a paperless workflow
  • Service our community


  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Pursue personal growth and educations
  • Be creative and open minded
  • Consciously focus on the details

Energetic, Diversified Culture

  • Celebrate our employees
  • Provide advancement opportunities
  • Compete fairly
  • Embrace the talents of diverse backgrounds and multiple perspectives


Responsible Lending

All American Lendings’s leadership team has been lending responsibly for years, delivering accurate information, competitive rates, and an easy process for our customers. Along with full compliance of new, stricter Federal regulations, we’ve implemented our own internal policies as an added layer of consumer protection.

Good Faith Estimate or GFE when disclosing rate and fees. The old GFE was just a best-effort estimate. The new and improved GFE is designed to make all lenders conform to a standardized document guaranteeing that third party services lenders quote upfront are within a 10% tolerance of the actual fees at closing.

Many lenders try to circumvent the new GFE by using “fee worksheets” or other non-approved documents to provide you an estimate that is not bound by the government-regulated GFE. These alternative “work sheets” are aggressive sales tactics used by many lenders, and they are both misleading and irresponsible. If a lender or broker you’re considering is unwilling or unable to provide what is now lawful practice, we encourage you to move on and do business with a fully compliant lender.

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